Egyptian Gold Slots

Thousands of years ago, a civilization rose up along the banks of the Nile. The mighty pharaohs here built the most impressive monuments the world has ever seen, creating tall pyramids and amazing statues. They filled their burial chambers with riches and treasures untold, decorating elaborate items with gold and jewels. There are still secrets to discover in this ancient land. There is still gold to be discovered here! Go on your own adventure into this world with Egyptian Gold Slots.

Treasures of the Pharaohs

This game is beautifully designed with rich colors and styles that bring the world of the ancient Egyptians to life. You will be taken to a temple deep in the desert. The sun has just finished setting and the stars are coming out overhead.

Finding Your Gold

The pharaohs hid many treasures in those desert sands, riches and golden artifacts that are even more valuable today. There are five reels on the game board divided into three rows. This is where you will see gold and bejeweled masks, beautiful artifacts and art like scarab beetles and other symbols associated with ancient Egypt. 

Getting a Win

The game board is not huge but it's full of really big possibilities. There are 243 pay lines where you can match the symbols to get the treasures you seek. There are wild symbols to make it easier and when that happens, the game board actually expands. Another reel is added and with it, a much better chance for you to win. When the game board expands, now there are 576 pay lines where you can match up symbols. You can bet anywhere from You can bet anywhere from $0.03 to $15, depending on how much you want to risk and how lucky you're feeling. With bigger bets, you will get much bigger payouts.

Uncovering the Treasure

You're here to find treasure, and that's exactly what you can find when you play this game. There is not one but four jackpots that you can hit at any time. The jackpot ranges from Mini to Maxi and they are all progressive, so they get bigger and bigger the longer you play. Hitting one of these jackpots is a little bit like finding an ancient buried treasure. The difference is, you don't actually have to go tomb raiding to get this treasure.

Winning Big with Egyptian Gold Slots

There are many ways to win at this game, from the bonus features to the jackpots to the many different pay lines. Look for your treasure with Egyptian Gold Slots and see what you can discover here.