Nine Realms Slots

In Norse mythology, there are nine different realms. Thor, who is not just a Norse god but also a comic book superhero, would tell you that the gods and goddesses dwell in Asgard. Midguard is the land of humans. Some realms are home to magical creatures or dwarves. There is even a realm of the dead. In Nine Realm Slots, you'll explore these places and you will face the mighty Norse gods and goddesses. If you're lucky, you'll end up walking away with a lot of riches. 

The Realms of the Gods and More

This game has a somewhat dark overall look that truly sets the stage and sets the tone for the gameplay. You will be taken into a dark world full of tall towers, a world of dark clouds. For you, this may also be a lucky world that's full of riches.

Exploring the Realms of the Gods

You are in the nine realms of the Norse gods so of course, you can expect to see some of those gods when you spin the reels. There are five reels in total. The various symbols of the game appear on three rows that pay homage to the Norse gods. You will see some of the most famous gods and goddesses who live in this realm.

When the Magic Happens

The realms of the gods and goddesses are magical, of course. So sometimes, you can get symbols that will trigger various bonus rounds and extra features. If you trigger the free spins round, the entire game board will expand and two new reels will appear. There are lots of little extras and mini-grams you can find while you're exploring this realm of the gods.

The Technical Details

If you play the symbols right and the gods truly smile upon you, there is a chance that you will win up to 2,500 times your original bet. Because there are 243 paylines, that is a whole lot of chances to win big money every time you make the reels spin around. Bet from between Bet from between $0.20 per spin all the way up to $20 per spin..20 per spin all the way up to per spin. Remember that you can trigger a bonus round or a special payout at any time.

Visiting the Gods in Nine Realms Slots

Nine Realms Slots gives you lots of chances to win, plenty of opportunities for huge payouts and an interesting, somewhat dark theme that doesn't look like other slots games out there. See if the gods will favor you when you pay this fun slots game.