Spooky Wins Slots

Ghouls, goblins and various types of monsters have been a part of storytelling for thousands of years. People have always enjoyed sharing spooky and scary tales. Everyone has seen a movie or show that was a little too scary, at times. It's good to be frightened very once in a while, to get the heart beating and the blood racing. But then, you just want to stop being scared and feel better again. Spooky Wins Slots celebrates the spooky and the scary and monsters everyone knows about, but it makes everything look cute and fun

Not So Spooky

This game has a classic Halloween-style theme. You will taken into a graveyard at night. Everything is spooky and scary. There are shades of deep purple and orange all around you. But these monsters are cute and friendly-looking, not so scary at all.

Spooky Friends

Split into five reels and three rows, the game board is full of classic monsters like witches, zombies, werewolves, ghosts and mummies. These are terrifying monsters in some horror movies but in this game, they are cute little friends. Each one of these monsters is colorful and highly detailed. Play the reels the right way and you might end up winning 30,000 times your original bet.

Mini Games

There are 30 pay lines on the board and there are multiple opportunities to trigger mini games that can give you more money. You might trigger the Wild Reels game, where two reels will become wild. You might also trigger the Bonus Wheel, where you can get huge multipliers on your wins and get a lot of money. And sometimes, you might trigger the Expanding Reels game. When this happens, the game board actually gets bigger and the pay lines double! 

How to Play to Win

Choose to place your bet anywhere between Choose to place your bet anywhere between $0.03 to $7.50 per spin for your chance to win..03 to .50 per spin for your chance to win. You will get another chance to win or to trigger a mini game with every spin of the reels, which makes things truly exciting and fun. See the friendly monsters on the reels and maybe they'll end up bringing you good luck and big winnings, which is why you're here in the first place.

You Will Not Be Scared By Spooky Wins Slots

These monsters aren't meant to terrify and horrify. The friendly monsters in Spooky Wins Slots are here to help you get a lot of money and have a lot of fun. If that sounds good, this is your game.