Tarot Destiny Slots

What does the future hold for you? There are some things you can control in life, but most things you can't. Honestly, there's no telling what's going to happen tomorrow or the next day. But you can sort of tip the scales of fate in your own favor sometimes. You can test fate and try to make something happen for yourself with Tarot Destiny Slots.

Finding Your Destiny

Tarot Destiny Slots has a beautiful design that's full of soft shades of purple and bright shades of gold, red, green and blue. You will see bright, snowy white and glowing gold, gorgeous colors in a variety of shades that practically jump off the screen. This game takes you into a fortune teller's wagon. You will see purple drapes gently swaying, candlelight flickering and outside, a thunderstorm raging. The fortune teller's table and crystal ball are sitting on a table in the middle of the room.

Looking for Your Fortune

When the five reels of the game board start to spin around, your fate will begin to come into focus. Will the reels fall in your favor? Each reel is split into three rows. This is where you will find the various symbols associated with fortune tellers and predicting the future. You might see candles glowing in the darkness, ornate spell books, snowy white owls, tarot cards and other symbols that might just spell out your fortune.

Playing the Game

The future is always a gamble and in this game, the future happens pretty quickly. Start to spin the reels and something will happen with every turn. You'll place a bet before each spin ranging from just $0.10 all the way up to $25, depending on what you think the future might hold. Bigger bets mean bigger payouts but of course, it also means bigger risk. How successful will you be at predicting the future?

How to Win Your Destiny

There are 10 pay lines on the board, which means there are many ways you can win. You will also see wild symbols and multipliers, which increase your chances of winning money and make the game even more exciting. Watch the reels as the bright colors and flashing gold shades spin around and find out what destiny holds for you.

Winning Money With Tarot Destiny Slots

Play Tarot Destiny Slots to win money and determine your own destiny. Give yourself a bright future by winning a lot of money.