Fortunate Buddha Slots

When most of the rest of the world was still living in wooden huts and squabbling with each other, China was building a vast empire and creating one of the greatest monuments the world had ever seen. China has truly ancient history that stretches back through the centuries. There is a lot of age-old knowledge here, a lot of accumulated wisdom over the years. The Chinese culture knows a lot about luck and destiny. Maybe, the symbols from this ancient world will be lcuky for you when you play Fortunate Buddha Slots.

Finding Ancient Wisdom

This game puts you into the middle of a glorious Asian landscape. Before you stretches a pond where water lotuses bloom. You will also see cherry trees in the background, and some buildings off in the distance. Where will this lovely world lead you? Shades of soft pink, green and blue fill up the screen.

The Symbols on the Reels

You will find many symbols associated with Asian culture when you play this game. There are three rows and five reels where these symbols appear in bright shades of green, purple, blue, pink and glimmering gold. You will see pink lotus flowers, glittering bags full of gold coins, lucky animals like turtles and frogs and the golden Buddha. You will see a lot of movement and action and color every time the reels spin around. Hopefully, you will a lot of matching symbols on the reels, too!

Winning Big

Place a bet every time you spin the reels, going from as low as Place a bet every time you spin the reels, going from as low as $0.50 up to $5. This game is not about high stakes or betting big. But the low stakes don't mean that there are low payouts.


When you're gambling, don't you always want to hit a really big jackpot? Well, you can when you play Fortunate Budda slots. There are five jackpots in total that range from Mini at the smallest to Super Grand at the largest. Hitting any one of these jackpots is a thrill. At the Mini and Minor level, you will win or 0, which is not bad at all. But once you get up to the largest jackpots, you can win potentially huge sums of money. Hit the Super Grand jackpot, and you may win tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, tens of thousands. Talk about being fortunate!

Make Your Fortune with Fortunate Buddha Slots

How fortunate will you be when you play Fortunate Buddha Slots? The only way to find out is to try this game. Keep playing until you hit that big jackpot!