Bao Ni 8 Slots

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holiday events in the entire world. Celebrated by billions, it is one of the biggest parties you can possibly find anywhere. With Bao Ni 8 Slots, you can celebrate the fun and festivity of Chinese New Year any time you like.

An Age Old Celebration

Chinese New Year is a popular holiday that has been celebrated for a long, long time. Civilization happened early in China, compared to other parts of the world and there is a long tradition of rich history and culture here. The colors and design of this world are beautifully captured here in this game with highly detailed drawings set against a rich purple background that is highlighted with bright gold accents.

The Symbols on the Reels

The game board is laid out like a grid, with five columns and three rows. The columns are the reels that spin, of course, and the game board creates a wide field for the symbols you will see. Golden symbols, petty fans, lucky coins and other symbols associated with good luck appear on the reels. Chinese New Year is a very lucky time. Hopefully, that is exactly what you will find when you play this game.

How to Get a Win

There are 50 different pay lines where you can match up symbols to get a win. If you get certain symbols, you will trigger free games that let you gamble without taking any risk at all. Hit the Lucky Streak and you'll get a re-spin feature. There are lots of little extras embedded into the game to give you multiple ways to win and play. At the highest level if you get the biggest win, you will be awarded 6,800 times your original bet. That is a massive win.

Celebrating Fun

This game is full of colors and animations that create a lively feeling and really bring everything to life. This is not a static, flat game. The background changes color and everything gets very exciting. When you get a win, a large graphic appears on the screen. The screen is always full of color and movement. It’s easy to stay engaged and stay excited when there's so much going on.

Find Good Fortune with Bao Ni 8 Slots

Create your own good luck any time with Bao Ni 8 Slots. Spin the reels, watch the symbols turn around and see how lucky you get.