London Inspector Slots

In classic detective movies and TV shows, you will often see a handsome, tall gentleman wearing a long trenchcoat and working through the clues to figure out how the crime was committed, and how and why. And in the movies and shows with the best detectives, they are often British. London Inspector Slots takes you into the story of a crackerjack Lonon Inspector. If you want to get lost in this world of classic investigation, play London Inspector for a little while.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

This game will take you into a foggy world. It is London, and it is nighttime. This is where the London Inspector will do his work and figure out the solutions to cases.

Investigating the Reels

This game has five reels that are split into three rows. This is where you will find all the various symbols associated with a London inspector. You will see magnifying glasses and other little symbols, all beautifully rendered in color. The reels are full of various letters and numbers in many different colors, too. Line up enough of these symbols to make a match and win money. There are 25 pay lines where you can line up the symbols to do just that.

Extra Features

If you happen to see the London Inspector, that's a good sign. If you see three or more of this symbol, you will win free games. The reels will spin on their own and add to your overall winnings. During the free game feature, all of your winnings are tripled. This game is packed with little extras and cool features that make it even more fun to play.

Playing the Game Like a Pro

Place your bet every time the reels spin to get a chance to win. You can bet at many different intervals between $0.25 to $25, based on how lucky you feel and how much you want to risk $0.25 to $25, based on how lucky you feel and how much you want to risk. Every time the reels spin, you will try to match up symbols or get enough wild symbols and scatters to guarantee a win.

Solve the Mystery of Inspecting London Inspector Slots

Why is it so fun to play this game? How much will you end up winning? Solve the mystery and see if the London Inspector can unravel the case when you spin the reels of London Inspector Slots.