PayDirt! Slots

For a brief period of time in the American West, a true Gold Rush happened. Gold was discovered by one person and suddenly, many people all over the country were rushing to that same spot in hopes of getting glittering riches for themselves. It began a time of excitement and thrilling possibilities. Play PayDirt! Slots to celebrate this fascinating time and participate in a virtual gold rush where you're the one who can get riches. You don't have to stand in a stream and pan for gold to get the glittering treasures available in this game.

Gold Rush!

This game will take you to a beautiful Western stream. The water is clear and gold in front of you. This is where prospectors pan for gold. And this is where you will find the gold you want, if the reels end up falling in your favor.

Hunting for Gold

The game board is bright yellow, which is exactly what you want to see in a game that's all about gold. There are five reels and three rows in a standard slots design, but there's nothing standard about the symbols on the reels you will see here. There are pans of gold, which you use to get gold out of rivers like this one. There are pickaxes, of course, lanterns to light up the mines and bad guys who might just want to steal your gold! 

How the Game Works

There are 25 pay lines to play on, but you don't have to play them all unless you choose to. You have the option of choosing how many lines to bet on and how big to make your bet. At the minimum, you will bet At the minimum, you will bet $0.01 on every line..01 on every line. If you choose to bet on all 25 lines, your bet will be If you choose to bet on all 25 lines, your bet will be $0.25..25. Go for the maximum amount and bet all the way up to Go for the maximum amount and bet all the way up to $0.25 per line..25 per line. If you bet on all 25 of those lines, you will be betting a total of .25. This is not a high-stakes game but you can win a lot of money, which is exactly what you want in a slots game.

Hitting PayDirt

Hunting for gold is already pretty fun but things get even more exciting when you hit Paydirt. There are many little animations and moving elements in the game, which keep it engaging and exciting and fun.

Finding Gold with PayDirt! Slots

Hunting for gold isn't quite the labor-intensive task it used to be. In fact, it's very easy when you play PayDirt! Slots. Click the button, make the reels spin and see what happens next when you play this fun game!