Big Bopper Slots

The 1950s is a distinctive era in history. The fashion, the music, the colors, the design, the simple technology, it all gives this decide its own look. You will recognize elements and style from the 1950s when you see it. This time in history has become iconic as a time of innocence, a time when rock and roll music was new. This is the time you will discover when you play Big Bopper Slots. This game honors all the style of the 1950s. It's got the design, the colors and the image associated with this iconic era.

Going Back in Time

This game takes you into a classic 1950s theater. There is a stage with red curtains, lots of spotlights shining down and a pretty overall decor scheme full of shades of purple. You have been transported back to the 1950s, a simpler time. It's simple to learn how to play this slots game, too. All you have to do is spin the reels and wait for good things to happen.

Making the Reels Go Around

You will see six reels on the game board that are divided into three rows. This is where you will find iconic symbols associated with the 1950s and with the amazing music of that era. You'll see record players, radios, microphones, guitars, records, jukeboxes with neon lights and sometimes, you might even see a rock icon. This is the Big Bopper Slots, a game dedicated to one of the great musicians of rock and roll who was lost far too soon. 

Betting to Win Big

Choose how much to bet every time you spin. You might want to increase your bet if you're winning a lot, or decrease it if luck just isn't on your side. Bet anywhere from Bet anywhere from $0.30 up to $7.50. You can, however, win a lot of money when the symbols line up the right way!

The Little Details

There is a lot of attention and time put into this game. When you change the speed level, for example, you will fill or empty glass cola bottles to control the speed of the game. When you spin the reels, you will spin a record player symbol.

Make the Reels Rock and Roll in Big Bopper Slots

Spin the reels and celebrate the best of the 1950s when you play Big Bopper Slots. Step back in time to have a groovy time playing this fun game.